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  • Petr Švihlík

    Petr Švihlík

    The open-source guy @Kentico. All posts at https://petrsvihlik.com/

  • Joca Torres

    Joca Torres

    Digital product development advisor, mentor, board member. And open water swimmer!

  • Rachid Otsmane

    Rachid Otsmane

    Dad. Husband. Business Analyst/Consultant. Android Fanboi. Tech Addict. Trying to be a good human.

  • Vojta Kopal

    Vojta Kopal

    Lead of Frontend Development @ Mews Systems

  • Jan Meissner

    Jan Meissner

    Community Manager @Mews

  • Nis Frome

    Nis Frome

    Cofounder & VP of Product at Feedback Loop // GM at Coderbyte & Session Rewind // Angel investor

  • Richard Banfield

    Richard Banfield

    Dad, husband, cyclist, product and design transformation leader. I write books on design & product.

  • Steve Westgarth

    Steve Westgarth

    Steve 🏳️‍🌈 is the Engineering Manager at Boots UK focussing primarily on digital platforms including Boots.com #TechAtBoots.

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